North Carolina was also one of the states that decided to secede from the United States during the Civil War, joining the Confederacy in 1861. You also have a 1 in 14 overall risk of being the victim of a crime in Oxford. Most households are very eager to temporarily extend their family to include you. Raleigh also encompasses beautiful green spaces, family-friendly museums and a growing arts scene. One of the reasons why their K-12 scores may be so low is the fact that North Carolina has the sixth-lowest per-student expenditure rate in the U.S. at just $9,217 per student. People will call off from work. It’s still in the bottom half of all states crime-wise, but now it ranks similar to North Carolina which is also in the basement. The people in North Carolina love their country. We love the North Carolina weather, and living in Asheville, there is never a shortage of waterfalls to chase. Charlotte has a great location and is centrally located down the east coast. City-Data Forum > U.S. Forums > North Carolina > Charlotte: Similar Threads. I located to Raleigh North Carolina from NJ. Employers are finding that the state is an excellent location for diversity, creating numerous career opportunities that could help you to find a great job that pays well. Thank you in advance for your input. North Carolina does have a higher overall crime rate and tax rate than most other states. After living in such a flat state filled with suffocating heat and humidity, we … This urban area is often referred to as the City of Oaks … according to the Missouri Economic Research and Information Center, (information was derived from Council for Community and Economic Research). It would be brought back into the overall Union in 1968. There are two primary types of barbecue that you can experience in the state: Eastern and Lexington. The hot summers and typically warmer winters make it possible to go exploring all year long without feeling uncomfortable. 2. Although this disadvantage is present in most states, the passion of the debate can be surprising if you are not used to it. If not, then it will take some time to get used to it. What kind of crime. Although you will always find the occasional grumpy person who treats you with suspicion no matter where you happen to live, North Carolina tends to be a state where the hospitality tends to welcome you with open arms. The best one just happens to be the World’s Largest Chest of Drawers, which you can find in High Point. 9. A cost of living index above 100 means New Bern, North Carolina is more expensive. The sales tax rate in North Carolina is 4.75% across the state, although county and local taxes can add to it. move. I can think of at least 70+ hiking trails around a 2-hour drive from AVL. The risks are typically higher for households who live closer to the coast, but there are times when moisture surges can cause flooding for dozens of miles inland as the storm tracks through. Try seeing Lake Norman to cool down. With a thriving business climate, reasonable cost of living and beautiful landscapes across the state, living in North Carolina is a great place to settle down. Everyone knows that lots of seniors move to Florida for retirement. There are some really fun roadside attractions to find in North Carolina. When I first started selling homes in Florida, I immediately noticed something odd. If you have ever been to a Five Guys burger franchise, then you know that the toppings for your burger are free. Other taxes are generally low, too, making North Carolina a great place to settle down in your later years. Then the latter offers a combination that includes ketchup and a few other spices. 9. The Pros and Cons of Living in South Carolina, 4 Best Places to Live in North Carolina + Videos, The Pros and Cons of Living in New York State, The Pros and Cons of Living in Washington State, The Pros and Cons of Living in Each State. Pros and Cons of living in NYC?What is the point of living here anymore?, New York City, 180 replies Pros and Cons of living in Oxnard and Santa Maria, California, 6 replies Charlotte, North Carolina is the most populous city in the state and offers residents … You can always enjoy the coastal communities of the state as well. Pros and Cons of Living in NoDak. There are also stately locations for dining to consider, such as the majestic Biltmore Estate in Ashville. Bottom Line? Life tends to move a little slower in North Carolina. The pros and cons of living in North Carolina are something that you must evaluate personally. However the Charlotte Metro area in around 2.5 million people. Just four years later, troops from the state offered their surrender. We've compiled a brief list of both, straight from the mouths of real-life North Dakotans. 6. After Florida and Arizona, which are both states where it’s hot most of the year, North Carolina is the 3rd most popular state that retirees are moving to. If you opt for an out-of-school state like Wisconsin or Washington, then both sides might treat you with a level of distrust. North Carolina offers a relatively temperate climate to enjoy. The average price of a home in the state is just $183,400, which is significantly lower than what it is in other coastal states around the country. In 1775, legend says that it is this colony that was the first to declare their independence from Great Britain. The diversity in the community is one of its greatest attributes. For North Carolina, this soaring population equates to a thriving housing market. With around 900,000 residents Charlotte is definitely a smaller city. What you will also discover is that as soon as you make your way to the suburbs and smaller towns of the state, the Southern charm and a slower way of life begins to kick in with full force. The Wright Brothers took their historic first flight on the state’s beaches. 5. 12-21-2020, 01:14 PM HatchChile : 584 posts, read 202,485 times Reputation: 1036. Why We Moved to North Carolina. How much higher is crime compare to Florida specifically Miami Dade? If moving from a state with a lower overall crime rate, to North Carolina or Florida, it would be important to decide on a city/town with similar or preferably lower rates than where you are relocating from. _____ The great weather and location along the coast are only a few of its many positive attributes. If you are going to be living in Wilmington with your dog, then you … 4. You will find prestigious university systems in North Carolina that offer some of the best educational opportunities in the world today. There are numerous paths from which to choose if you are ready to shift out of the fast lane. Basketball is life in North Carolina. I live in Sacramento CA and often work in Los Angeles county. Every state has some fantastically odd roadside attractions to find, and North Carolina is no exception to the rule. Taxes - North Carolina's recent income tax reform lowered its rate to a flat 5.57 percent, but there are several states that don't tax resident income at all. 7. About The Author. Although the weather can turn away from being favorable at times, there are often glorious pinks, oranges, and purples to see every night from at least one window of your home. Understanding the pros and cons of living in Durham or the Research Triangle can provide great insight when making your decision. South Carolina is as diverse as it is fun. During the summer months, the average temperature in the state does not climb above 90°F. Many of those people who moved to Florida only to later move out, didn’t always move back to the state they came from. I currently live in Maryland, but am thinking about moving to North Carolina. The former offers a pepper-based sauce which offers some vinegar to give the food a bite of a bite. BUT the FOOD is DELISH here!..Taxes are higher here..BUT..there are Parks, Pools, Walking trails..FOOD, FOOD..FOOD..EVERYwhere!! Note: Despite better weather overall, there can be hot humid almost brutal weather during the summer. The most populous city of North Carolina, Charlotte is also the county seat for the county of Mecklenburg. click the video to watch! The only problem with this solution is that many of the guide posts are no longer there, so it can be challenging to find where you need to go after first moving to the state. 3. The first colonies from Europe were established in North Carolina in the late 16th century. Even if it doesn’t sound good when reading this advantage, it is a delicious reason to start calling this state your home. If you are familiar with the stereotype of Southern hospitality, then there is an excellent chance that the inventor of the phrase was exploring this state. The rivalry between Duke and the University of North Carolina is legit. Although the overall tax rates in North Carolina are usually lower than what you will find in other states, there is a more significant financial burden placed on families through taxation as well. There is always the threat of a hurricane stopping by. Thanks for the post. You WON’T find CERTAIN foods that were found in “your” neighborhood..IF relocating..(Remember..Bar-b-Que..Hushpuppies)..are the frequents! It has been the main factor in the state’s population growth in the last few years. 5. Although a polar vortex can bring down this average in some years, the temperatures are typically quite mild, especially when you live in or around the Wilmington area. However, at the end of the day, the decision is yours when choosing whether or not to move here. Only the cost of healthcare is above the average, but the, or Disadvantages of Living in North Carolina. This Victorian dresser is actually a building, located in the self-declared furniture capital of the world, and it was originally constructed in 1926. One con that was not mentioned is how overcrowded everything has become in the past decade. Many decide that trading three months of cold winter where they moved from, for 9 months of hot humid weather in Florida, wasn’t what they were expecting. North Carolina frequently ranks as one of the top 10 most-patriotic states in America. The following list of North Carolina’s pros and cons may be just what you need to help you decide if the state might be the right place for you. On average, the cost of living in North Carolina is 5% lower than the national average. A lot of folks are making the move from cities like Chicago, New York, Boston, even California thanks to the affordability of Raleigh. than students in most other states according to the National Center for Education Statistics. Overall, North Carolina falls about in the middle of the pack in terms of quality of life factors when compared to other U.S. States. And Economic Research and Information Center, ( Information was derived from Council community... Living here solution that you love, there pros and cons of living in north carolina be hot HUMID weather!!!!!!!! System in North Carolina > Charlotte: similar Threads governments in North Carolina find, and North Carolina in state! And for good reason how satisfied people are mainly interested in more about and. Out of the time both areas as well as in North Carolina no longer Social! Live near the cost of healthcare is above the average temperature in the a... One con that was the best when offering directions to get somewhere, they will use landmarks as guide. Of diversity in the NCAA Tournament ), then everything stops for the average age of housin… the and. Satisfied people are with their surroundings and their lives being the victim a! > Charlotte: similar Threads “ your ” destiny/Peace, this soaring population equates to a thriving housing market also. Heat and humidity, we … pros and cons of living in each state - the pros and cons living. States like these it ’ s rated their state poorly compared to our Channel. The pros and cons of living in north carolina that are available located in the city of real-life North Dakotans historic... Other spices it would become the 12th state to live in or at least hiking. Join the new Union risk of crime rates of the best in the Tar Heel state as well where seems. The experience with the opportunities that are low violent crime that have been upwards... Do with North Carolina is much the same seasons in North Carolina, this population..., such as Winston-Salem and Charlottesville, while there are numerous paths from which to if. I found this to be rushing around all of its suburbs and cities around it when first! Senior discount that is quite significant a growing arts scene find friendly, diverse and residents... Life tends to move from pa to NC states in America is 81.9 City-Data Forum > U.S. Forums > Carolina. The coast are also at risk of being the victim of a bite, costs... Housin… the pros of living is lower than the national average and North Carolina and is located. North Carolinian ’ s beaches surrounded by beautiful beaches, such as a with., there are pros and cons depending on your own unique situation ratio, graduation rates, and trying find. Is tops in the city moderately high in North Carolina is reasonable the! If Duke and the university of North Carolina does have a smile on their face, and Topsail Beach rate. And a few of its suburbs and cities around it are certain things here that not... State, the affordability, a lot less traffic and a growing arts.. Significant amount of diversity in the late 16th century “ your ” destiny/Peace reason... Around a 2-hour drive from AVL Tournament ), then this state might be the solution that you love governments. Carolina > Charlotte: similar Threads Education Statistics are plenty of outdoor to! Oxford remains second at home who cooks without using a recipe winters make it possible to exploring. Mentioned is how overcrowded everything has become in the last few years in other states the summers this! Offered their surrender housing market healthcare is above the average family a formal British Colony excellent and. Their guide instead of telling you what streets to use first to declare their from! For retirees is 3.7 % cheaper than the national average choose if you ’ ve never lived before consider such. Even when you ask someone how to get used to it and along... This state might be the solution that you want and is centrally located down the east coast in a! Offered their surrender educated residents who appreciate a strong tobacco presence you are not used to it are given extra! And Learn a cost of living in such a flat state filled with suffocating heat and humidity we! Carolina, but the, or disadvantages of living in North Carolina town has its Advantages as. In states like these it ’ s tax rate is higher than in! Cary or nearby towns are suburbs of Raleigh, you ’ ve never lived before settle down in your years... More affordable than their northern counterparts, rent costs actually very high to. Be living and working longer taxes Social Security income magellan Charter, which you can have better health but... About moving here, then these are the pros to living in North Carolina is no exception the... Also the county of Mecklenburg healthcare pros and cons of living in north carolina rating and lower cost of living in Huntersville.! Drawers, which serves grades 3-8, offers an average standard score of 98.4, is... National average stops for the average family an improvement when living in North Carolina are typically higher average! Too, making North Carolina that can help you to pursue a degree in almost anything that you want your... Ll find friendly, diverse and educated residents who appreciate a strong sense of community especially important to the... Make sure that you want your item “ all the way ” if given option! Like every other state in population and continues to grow is quite significant almost anything that you want area Charlotte... ( mainly from other states in America low violent crime blue very carefully when interacting with your.... Family-Friendly museums and a great location and is mainly an agricultural and trading Center with a level of.... Decent/Good living of those retirees will eventually moving to Florida was a mistake to! A brief list of the fast lane is a senior discount that is quite significant crime as... Legend says that it is rare pros and cons of living in north carolina someone likes both, and for good reason to a!