Aside from all of the dangerous creatures and beings that already lived in The Unknown, The Beast was the most feared and dangerous. Agent Trout, New Looney Tunes Strike, What A Cartoon! He has large ears, a pointy nose and and big, round eyes with black pupils. Adelaide, We Bare Bears Jonathan | The Pack (Biowulf , Breach , Skalamandar, Bouncer, I-Bol & Circe) | Additional Notice: This template is meant for admin maintenance only. Known for voicing Enoch. Available instantly. Special Agent Mace | But when he threatens to blow out the light, The Beast reverts and yells "Don't! The Beast asks Woodsman for where the two brothers went but he refuses to say in order to prevent The Beast harming Wirt and Greg, and The Beast retreats to the forest singing in a malicious way. Reclaim the Dark Lantern.Force Greg and Wirt to succumb to hopelessness.Become one with the Edelwood trees to keep his Dark Lantern lit (both failed). Phil The Pilefer | Major Doctor Ghastly | Argost | Bull Sharkowski | Robert Limburger | Scarecrow | Jack O' Lantern | Eris | Bun Bun | Bendy | Lexus, Lisa, & Lori | The series centers on two half-brothers who travel across a strange forest in order to find their way home, encountering odd … Total Drama Villains, Abiltity to turn lost people into Edelwood trees, The Woodsman's Journey I Over The Garden Wall I Cartoon Network, Over the Garden Wall - Temptation of the Beast. Powerpuff Girls Villains | Chip & Skip | Agent Kalaschnikov | Bunny | Meaches | General Reginald Skarr | Peltra | Wirt rejects his offer, and casually notes that The Beast is so obsessed with the lantern as if it was his own soul captured inside it. #sixfanarts #sixfanarts twitter #bill cipher #gandalf #beast over the garden wall #john marston #tom nook #arsene (persona 5) #arsene #art #arrt. Sunekura | Jam | As each story progresses, fear for our simple protagonists grows, but the source of the danger is always shifting. World, Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi William Dunbar, TV Movie Villains Flendive | Omnizot | Future Mordecai | G-Dog | Samurai Jack Villains | Euripides Sharkowski | He also has two large branch-like horns on his head. Collin Dean was born on January 8, 2005 in the USA. Foreign Madman | Two brothers, Wirt and Greg, find themselves lost in the Unknown; a strange forest adrift in time. Big Rob | Reuben | This is a page for characters in Over the Garden Wall. Aliens | King of the Sky | The Beast has come. With a tear in his eye, The Woodsman blew it out anyway, ending The Beast for good. Belson Noles | Cousin Sinkbug | The Beast references, and may be inspired by, many different deities and entities. Constantine | The Cat | He typically has an even temperament, but threatening the lantern or defying him for too long can cause him to lose some composure. Senior Citi-zombies | Thor | Kurt | Auntie Roon | Queen Porcina | Bjornbot | It is assumed that The Beast stole the soul of The Woodsman's daughter. At this point, it's revealed that The Woodsman and The Beast fought for the lantern. Commander Hoo-Ha | Kid Cousin | Delightful Reaper | Jul 21, 2020 - Oh potatoes and molasses. The King | Rosemary | See a recent post on Tumblr from @saltyfinalboss about over-the-garden-wall-beast. Some of these entities may be: Sluagh. Estroy | Lola Llama | It is also later revealed that the Beast had indeed lied about The Woodsman's daughter, as she appeared from The Woodsman' old house and finally reunited with him in the ending scene. Crazy Fruit | Kevin | Related searches. Later, while The Woodsman was finding oil to keep lit the lantern, he hears The Beast singing in the forest and goes just to find out where the Edelwoods came from. | Kip Snip | Mos… Brain-Eating Meteor | Velma Green the Spider Queen, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Funjl | Edzilla, The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy Belly Button Eater | Beastly Bumblepuss | Mookie | Teen Titans Go! Gateux | Revealed Astaroth | Directed by Nate Cash. Lord Moldybutt | Then, The Beast makes his first physical appearance when The Woodsman recovers of being attacked by Wirt and Greg after they mistook him with The Beast. Join them as they encounter surprises and obstacles on their journey through the wood. Timmy and Tommy | Dogg | The Beast (Over the Garden Wall) & Original Male Character(s) (1) Exclude Additional Tags Angst (9) Alternate Universe (7) Short & Sweet (7) Fluff (6) Alternate Universe - Human (4) Flirting (3) Political Alliances (3) Body Horror (3) Rape/Non-con Elements (3) Implied/Referenced Character Death (3) Francis Thingshooter | In The Ringing of the Bell, The Woodsman warns them again about The Beast but still believing him to be The Beast, the two brothers escaped from him, while The Beast appears hidden behind a tree telling to The Woodsman that they "need to talk". Mask of the Beast | The Beast's past and origin is unknown and uncertain, but it is most likely that he just appeared and tormented the inhabitants of The Unknown, and had the power to possess everyone there to accomplish his plans, this even included animals as he took control over Beatrice's dog in the first episode. Alpha | Aunt Grandma | Ninjago Villains | Ralph | Larry Raccoon | Lemon Brook Lumpers | View 2 images and 1 sound of Chris Isaak's characters from his voice acting career. Reilly | Lionel Van Helsing | Mooon Man | Joshua | Orgon Grindor | Mad Scientist | Curly | Basketball | Unknown In the finale The Unknown, The Beast is first seen manipulating Greg and making him lose his hope. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. ", revealing Wirt's suspicions to be true. Cheesesteak | A Tribute to Riccardo Muti, Lux aeterna - Claudio Abbado bei den Proben von Verdis Missa da Requiem. The Monster of the UnknownSelf-proclaimed owner of the woods Helmut | Roquefort | Argost's Army | i did the #sixfanarts thing on twitter. Professor Death Ray Eyes | Tea Timers | For many years The Woodsman has chopped the wood and collected the oil from it, not knowing of how the trees were created. Berry | Ben 10 Villains | Sour Ron | Steve | Jeffrey | Mr. Yaschinshki | Over the Garden Wall is an American animated television miniseries created by Patrick McHale for Cartoon Network. Quackor | “Over the Garden Wall” aspires to, and in part achieves, true whimsy, which doesn’t make the outlook for this animated, not-so-grim fairy tale for adults any less cloudy. Protoboy | Robotman | Teen Titans Villains | Consortium, Annoying Orange Yosemite Sam | Meatman | Code Lyoko Hoss Delgado | Cecil Turtle | Agent Trout | Nemesis | Mole People | Turner |, Summer Camp Island Demoness | Yuckie Duck | Pizza Steve | Chad | Steve | Andrew Bangs| Dynomutt X-90, Ed, Edd n Eddy Kyle | Edward's Brothers | Geppetto | Kai Yee |

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