We are a Small Hobby Breeder of Short (Jack) Russell Terrier's. Honored and verified by United Online Pure Breeders.Call Today! Search beyond the Emerald City with our national network. Puppies are here! We have been breeding these little dogs for many years. We fully support the American Kennel … Premium Jack Russell Terrier puppies from one of the best ranked breeders in the country. -->. Our puppies are all home raised each receiving individual attention. Welcome to JRT John's Jack Russell Kennel located 9 miles North of Lake City Michigan on M-66 (8376 N. Pioneer Rd.). I have been raising ONLY Jack Russell Shorties for over 27 years now in my home giving them a lot of love and attention!! I was taken by the intelligence and tenacity of a little white dog named Digger while doing some Blacksmithing in the early 90s at the Chase Farm. Home of the Shorty Jack Russell Terrier If you are looking for a breeder that offers a high quality program and personal attention to each of our puppies, you’ve come to the right place. I have several tall type Jack studs available for service for $300 or pick of litter . NOT Tall Parson Russell Terriers . Dog Tales . These names all refer to a dog longer than tall however the Connemara hail from very different bloodlines. On English hunts, the dogs needed to be long-legged enough to keep up with the hounds, but purposes for a short legged variety were found also. Short Jack Russell Terrier breeders with shorty jack puppies for sale ready for placement in quality homes. Because The Past Is As Important As The Future. .table_d2e93 td { Raising EJRTCA and AKC Registered Short Jack Russell Terriers. effective june 1, 2019 – all puppies are now sold as pets – breeding rights are available – please contact me for information!. Thanks for visiting us!!! Ours have the DNA test results to prove it! Between our beautiful 10 acre facility, on-site veterinary care, and incredible puppy socialization program, our Jack Russell puppies are indeed one of a kind. (928) 916-0854. We are proud to be AQHA RANCHING HERITAGE BREEDER and breed a few good AQHA Quarter Horses, Longhorn Cattle, Jack Russell's and Hunt Terrier's a year. The Russell Terrier originated in England, but developed in Australia. Learn More No one will ever have a dog that looks just like yours. Sarah Porter. Cedar Hollow Jack Russell Terriers are renown for their temperament for over 35 years. About. Since then, I have dedicated my breeding program to producing Shorties that are Healthy, … He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. ABOUT OUR JACKS. In the 20 years I have been Loving, Breeding, and Caring for my personal line of English, Australian, and Irish Jack Russell Terriers, I have strived to breed Top Quality Jack Russell Terriers.My goal was to have Short Leg Jack Russell Terriers that would do all the antics that the original Standard Leg Jack Russell's do but they would do them with a calm temperament. Welcome to Nebraska Jack LLC . We carefully plan their litters to insure you a healthy and happy pet for life. They were used as a small game hunting dog particularly for red fox and also digging the quarry out of its den in the mid-1800s. 30 years later I was fortunate to find breeders that wanted to keep the Short Legged Jack Russell breed alive. We also have smooth coat. (KC Member) We are passionate about producing the finest examples of the Parson Russell breed, to make loving family pets, or achieve rosettes in the show ring if that is your dream. Texas Bix Bender, Whenever you go away, always come back before they learn to get on without you. You will never be alone again, and you […] Also known as "Shorties" or " Shorty Jacks". We Health Test ALL of our Breeding Stock for 5+ different Diseases. We have 30 years of experience breeding Jack Russell Terriers, and can’t wait for you to meet our beautiful Jack Russell puppies. For every mile of bad road you travel, there're Available Puppies. How we Help. ,