Mercedes Jones is a major character on Glee.Mercedes was the first student to audition for New Directions.At the beginning of the series, she develops a close friendship with Kurt Hummel and a strong rivalry with Rachel Berry.At the end of Season Three, she reveals that she accepted a recording contract at an indie label and moves to Los Angeles where she attends classes at UCLA. added by crazygal27. However, it is also a season of in-fighting. What do you think? #samcedes #sam and mercedes #mercedes and sam #sam evans #chord overstreet #glee #sam x mercedes #amber riley #mercedes jones #team samcedes #mercedes x sam. Sam & Mercedes You'll be in my heart always... Samcedes gaze at the end of We Are Young. Watch this Sam and Mercedes video, Glee Season 5 5x15 Scene #6 Bash Sam and Mercedes Fight, on Fanpop and browse other Sam and Mercedes videos. I think it was because they were trying to do a ‘reset’ for S6 and so they had to break up the established couples (Blaine & Kurt and Mercedes & Sam). 304. Sam Evans, you are crazy! Another mystery monolith has been discovered. 310. 3. Truthfully, I think Sam and Rachel had more chemistry and made more sense. We also ship the even more amazing RileyStreet, whether it is for them to be a couple are very good friends. :S [4 = 5.48%], Yes I do because Samcedes is meant to be. Samcedes is magic, it's Human Nature. Welcome to the Samcedes Team, home of the Diva and the Dork, where we enjoy bountiful amounts of white chocolate thunder. Sam: So uh, what are you going to do with the other room? No spamming or inserting false information. They weren't toxic like Klain or Brritana (even tho their enjoyable they aren't healthy) they were a perfect couple, they helped each other and trusted each other, and loved each other even if they did something bad. 15. 305.The dreams in which I'm dying Are the best I've ever had. And I Like Green Eggs and Ham (friendship only) Crazy about you. Sam and Mercedes. Glee Sam. 315. Because all Samcedians matter!!!! Mercedes is coming back! Poufkimashoula … added by Blacklillium. GleekyWinchester. Mercedes: What? *Notably many major Samcedes moments take place in between classes in the hallway. Glee TV Show Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Last night, Sam approached her in the hallway, and got scared not when she talked about her boyfriend, who … Simple.PlanNER Surf's up dude 21:25, June 7, 2012 (UTC) can i ship their friendship only? ____________________, 301. Rachel's (Lea Michele) song for Finn "The Quarterback" <3. Glee - Rated: M - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,085 - Reviews: 27 - Favs: 25 - Follows: 15 - Published: 7/10/2012 - Mercedes J., Sam E. - Complete Glee Project winner Blake Jenner will be making a big splash ... RoamingwithSamcedes Sam: ...Oh you were talking about us. glee. 2. After glee rehearsal, Mercedes asks Rachel what’s going on between her and Sam. người hâm mộ Art of Sam and Mercedes for những người hâm mộ of Glee 21926226. 302. Press J to jump to the feed. Although we're not sure what the story line is, we're positive she's back for episode 5. Laurenglee XD [14 = 19.18%]. 3. Glee: Are Sam and Mercedes meant to be? Glee Club tham gia New Post. I do wish Glee had found a way to reunite them though. Their great potential, the fact that they break so many stereotypes, and their strong chemistry live in our hearts. They had different dreams for the future and it made sense they decided to break up instead of forcing the relationship to continue when their plans for the future were so different. Black and White Icon. Poll, Featured Vid, etc.) A subreddit to discuss the musical TV show "Glee", its characters and songs, and all other related content. Gleefan4-ever - Complete One Day by oh-i-wish-i-were reviews While at a wedding, Sam and Mercedes realize they would like to spend forever with each other. This Glee fan art contains portrait, headshot, and closeup. Glee Sam tells Mercedes that he cheated on her 5x20 - YouTube ONE SHOT: Sam decides that after waiting for Mercedes to come to her senses and dump Shane he is going have to take matters into his own hand and "Woo Mercedes Jones Week" was born. (The Sue Sylvester Shuffle) After Blame It (On the Alcohol), Rachel grabs Sam's hand as she is a 'needy drunk. On Glee, Samcedes, better known apart as Sam and Mercedes, is definitely one of those couples. 313. Raychelle Anderson Contains Minn (Mercedes/Finn), Muck (Mercedes/Puck), Jovans (Mercedes/Sam), as well as friendship fics and nonromance. Add interesting content and earn coins ... mercedes. ♥ Watch this Sam and Mercedes video, Glee: Sam and Mercedes- I Won't Give Up , on Fanpop and browse other Sam and Mercedes videos. Sam & Mercedes. BUT the Sam and Mercedes story did give us Human Nature and Natural Woman which were both phenomenal numbers, so every cloud. If you have any suggestions for a featured section of this team page (ex. Please Don't Judge Me and I Won't Judge You❤❤ A Glee AU oneshot where Sam and Mercedes have an interesting take on grocery shopping. [June] Sam and Mercedes break up due to Sam's family moving away. Sam: I… have a crush on you. 17. (Mercedes gives Sam a look) 309. This week, Sam and the rest of the glee club will get a helpful hand (or two) when grads Mercedes (Amber Riley) and Mike (Harry Shum Jr.) return to prep the squad for Regionals. Mercedes says she loves Sam but she’s over it. 2. Please do not bash or vandalise this page. fan art. MLB umpire among 14 arrested in sex sting operation :3, 1. Sequoi Samcedesftw1 Watch this Sam and Mercedes video, GLEE - Human Nature (Sam and Mercedes), on Fanpop and browse other Sam and Mercedes videos. video. Click here to see why we ship Samcedes. ATLA Gleek 13. Glee just has lazy, boring, and puerile story-lines Sam and Mercedes have a strong understanding love I have no doubt in my mind that won’t be back together at the end of the season. Sam Evans (525) Mercedes Jones (524) Kurt Hummel (393) Blaine Anderson (328) Santana Lopez (306) Rachel Berry (293) Brittany S. Pierce (256) Noah Puckerman (234) Quinn Fabray (234) Finn Hudson (229) Include Relationships Sam Evans/Mercedes Jones (629) Blaine Anderson/Kurt Hummel (321) Santana Lopez/Brittany S. Pierce (254) RELATED: Glee: Mercedes Jones' 10 Best Solos, Ranked. 4. A community all about Mercedes! He definitely could have gone on tour with her. I like to think that Mercedes and Sam got back together after Glee ended. 8. So that Rachel could go one like a single date with him then marry someone else? There's a few reasons why this pairing doesn't work. [May 11, 2011] The Samcedes Team is born. I loved Sam and Mercedes and I really didn't like the fact that they broke up. Mercedes Jones and Sam Evans happens to be one of my favorite couples from the show, Glee and they are just happens to be a cute couple. 307. 14. The feelings Sam and Mercedes have for each other is something words cannot describe. They were the most mature, healthy couple on the show, and they were so nice to each other. :3, Please Don't Judge Me and I Won't Judge You❤❤. They have been through so much, but then the writers go for a "no sex for Marcedes" mood and break the best couple the show ever had. We will never give up on our love for this exceptional couple. [May 10, 2011] Sam and Mercedes attend junior prom together and dance the night away. ♥ On the thin line between love and hate, I choose love - Kurtbastian for life ♥ Just a weird when to give her another prominent relationship Mercedes had to Rachel. This glee fan art contains potret, headshot, and closeup. [May 24, 2011] Samcedes is endgame by the finale of season one. After being ignored for solos for the past two years, Mercedes joins a rival glee club at McKinley, bringing Santana and Brittany with her. Glee Sam Rachel And Finn Amber Riley Finn Hudson Chord Overstreet Glee Club Bwwm Interracial Love Pop Culture. Black and White icon. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, "Always remember how perfectly imperfect you are". Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. NightfallWolves 16. When Azimio provokes the Glee Club by insulting Rachel and Puck's performance, Sam holds Rachel back while she attempts to fight the football team by kicking them. Tinetine748 Mercedes: Oh well, you know I was thinking of storing my hair for my weaves in there. Gleefan4-ever 20. I got the same sense that it was Mercedes giving something to Rachel. Mercedes and sams break up in season 5 wasn't necessary, Sam quit modeling after he got on a bus so he could have just gone on tour with Mercedes. If you love Sam&Mercedes (Glee) and you want reblog or like,this is the link of my reblog couples :) thank you! Visit the menu option for the subreddit's Discord server. ★Just like the signatures for Samcedians, if you don't know how to sign, please leave a comment and someone will help you. It was so weird because Sam at least still loved her throughout season 6 and the whole reason they broke up was because Mercedes didn’t want Sam to wait until they were married to have sex even though he would have been ok with it and clearly didn’t want to pursue a relationship until Mercedes pushed him to pursue Rachel. 19. ❤ Don't bash other people's comments. It seemed to just be there to give them something to do. 6. Nasz wanna knoe Vidapelin 7. 303. 10. Sam wanted to go back to Ohio and settle down there, Mercedes wanted to go on tour and travel the world. the second-rate version of somebody else. QuicksamcedesFTW!! Glee #4.6 … KKD I love Samcedes, but I liked that breakup. Mersaming4ever If you don't know how to sign, please leave a comment and someone will help you. Luckily, Mercedes performs at the last minute and Rachel decides not to sing so that Mercedes can close the show. 311. Sam: That's cool. 21. Watch this Sam and Mercedes video, Glee 2x22: Sam and Mercedes , on Fanpop and browse other Sam and Mercedes videos. But then I got to thinking, maybe I should rent it out to a couple of nerds I knew back in high school. photo. [May 24, 2011] Mercedes and Sam are revealed to be dating. Beremy29 They are going to put into different situations and they are going to help each other with the situations that they are going to face. R-O-A-R. added by karlyluvsam. LovesMeSomeKurt 308. 1 … I didn't see any chemistry, I didn't see what they offered each other than constantly saying they cared about each other, and yes their break-up was contrived, but I've always felt that way about Samcedes as a whole. 5. I'm hoping for some sort of Sam and Mercedes rekindling, personally. In the last episode of season two, it is revealed that Mercedes has begun dating Sam Evans, a newer glee club member, and Quinn's ex-boyfriend.However, this is dismissed almost immediately as Sam does not come back until nearly halfway through season three when Mercedes is … Amberrileyrules This team keeps it real! 9. 3. The reason for the breakup really pissed me off. 315. Nothing Wrong. Andy I Am. Mercedes: Yes I was. Source: google and Be Funky. Sam: Yeah but Blaine and I need a place so you could just rent it to us. Mercedes and sams break up in season 5 wasn't necessary, Sam quit modeling after he got on a bus so he could have just gone on tour with Mercedes. Yes he was missing Ohio but I'm sure he would have gone with Mercedes because he loved her so much, I just think they broke them up so that once again they could take something from Mercedes to give to Rachel. glee. On the day of the event, Mercedes starts to feel neglected and decides that she doesn’t want to perform anymore. They made absolutely no sense to me and had nothing in common. Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner buy $30M Florida property. ;w; [55 = 75.34%], I do have faith in them but I just don't think it will happen typical sam never going back to an EX. Glee does have an unfortunate habit of taking things from Mercedes to give to Rachel, but I don’t think that it was on purpose. ♥ Mercedes pointing to Sam during "If I Can't Have You", Chord Air Humping Amber Without Her Knowing, Created the day before the Valentine's Day episode. '(Blame It on the Alcohol) Rachel comforts Sam, helping him with his problems, and instantly they become much closer friends. Gleefan1018 CatalinaSw33t For what? "Heart". :3, The dreams in which I'm dying Are the best I've ever had. Glee - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,258 - Reviews: 16 - Favs: 31 - Follows: 2 - Published: 6/9/2011 - Sam E., Mercedes J. 12. Make You Feel My Love - Glee Cast - ''The Quarterback'' added by Nicky23. IJustLoveKlaine CloveFoxface Sam and Mercedes. … season 5. rachel. So many of the Glee breakups were dramatic and crazy, so it was refreshing to see two people together decide to go their separate ways. I don't like Marcedes, but Samcedes was I think my favorite couple on the show. foto. 312. If you don't ship Samcedes, go on a different page. Samcedes2000 Brittanalovers allyson2626 likes this. A couple we have seen numerous times through the years they just make sense, and break up because of … added by crazygal27. (laughs), No, RM has ruined it and I do not believe it can be saved or that they can get back together. 11. PortugueseNayaholic Source: Google and Be Funky. In "[my cup]" song, Sam and mercedes were sitting close. 314. Gleefan1018, Mercedes: Se here I am, two bedrooms and a refrigerator., fan art. Another comment did say that it might have been a way for them to sort of ‘reset’ season 6 but then I would have liked to see Samcedes reuniting like Klaine did instead of Sam and Rachel. I never saw why they were together in the first place, so their break-up didn't really bother me. please contact the person in charge of that section. 306. Glee - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,878 - Reviews: 13 - Favs: 12 - Follows: 5 - Published: 5/2/2013 - Mercedes J., Sam E. - Complete glee. ♥, Just like the signatures for Samcedians, if you don't know how to sign, please leave a comment and someone will help you. Saved by 裕佳 米川. I hated Sam and Rachel. RELATED: Glee: The 10 Best New Directions Numbers, Ranked. Mercedes: It's crazy. Asian Persuasion ;D The Samcedians can also be The RileyStreeters. These are the hallway scenes in chronological order. They were amazing and Sam was tonally in love with her, and she loved him. Klainegirl1912 A shrine to the lovely, talented r&b powerhouse that is Mercedes!

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