You will need to find this out by calling Alberta Transportation Ph: (403) 340-5444 (toll-free in Alberta dial 310-0000). Once you have gotten a report from Prorate, come & see us for your registration. Transfer of Vehicle Registration / Plate: $28.00: In-Transit Permit: $24.00: Antique Vehicle Registration ( one time fee) $39.00: Trailer Registration ( one time fee) $163.00: Vehicle Registration Renewal (12 month term) $93.00: Motorcycle / Off Highway Renewal (12 month term) $54.00: Veteran Registration Renewal (12 month term) $93.00 For more details, please refer to the Checklist for Out-of-Province Vehicle Registration you're bringing a vehicle to B.C. Prorated registrations are applicable to commercial carriers who are based in Alberta . With in-person and online options, and over 150 registries agents available to serve you, you’ll be back on the road in … When it comes to registering or renewing your vehicle, nobody makes it easier than AMA. Gold Key Registry offers prorated commercial vehicle registrations to Chestermere businesses. Licence plate expiry stickers are no longer required as of January 1, 2021. All prorated registrations expire on March 31 of each year. - If you are hauling outside Alberta, you must contact Prorate 403-297-2920. To be eligible for prorated registration, your commercial vehicles must travel outside of Alberta. Registration Fee Chart MONTHS 134 148 IDE 161 IIS 124 188 102 102 132 201 log 109 109 141 215 116 116 116 1 so 228 123 241 131 Truck — Use Class I Chan 2, SCI kg 102 or more . Prorated commercial vehicle registration is the process of calculating registration fees and taxes for multiple jurisdictions. The fees are calculated based on the percentage of total distance travelled within each jurisdiction. As part of the IRP, the Alberta Transportation Prorate Services’ office calculates registration fees for prorate approved commercial vehicles. Cost of Commercial Vehicle Registration in Strathmore . As of March 2020, the cost of commercial vehicle registration in Strathmore is usually between $82 to $3461 a year if you’re staying in Alberta. Commercial vehicle safety compliance in Alberta [2018] Summary; ... the Alberta government has prepared this manual to assist commercial truck and bus companies and their employees to operate safely and in a manner which is compliant with legislation relevant to the National Safety Code. A Plus Registry is an authorized Alberta Registry that offers in-person and online services for Motor Vehicles, Driver licences, Alberta Health Care, Corporations, Land Titles, CarProof, and lien Registration. If you’re leaving the province in a vehicle weighing over 4500 kilograms, the vehicle must be prorated. Important Notes for All Commercial Vehicles with a GVW Over 11,793 KG or Passenger Capacity of 11 or More Including the Driver: If the vehicle is over 11,793 kg or has a passenger capacity of 11 or more including the driver, you will be required to obtain a Safety Fitness Certificate and a Commercial Vehicle … Online renewals are available for private passenger vehicles, motorcycles, and off-highway Prorate is the process of calculating registration fees and taxes for multiple jurisdictions. They will need to know how many axles & tire size of your vehicle. To be considered for prorate registration, vehicles must travel inter-provincially and/or inter-nationally in Alberta and at least one other province or state. The Vehicle Registration Certificate is proof that the vehicle is currently registered. Updated. 105 Special vehicles 106 Special commercial vehicles 107 Foreign pilot vehicle 108 Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Act 109 Prorating payments 110 Operator’s licence refund 111 Fee refund 112 Change in registration 113 Credit of registration fee 114 Registrar refund 115 Personal licence plates 115.1 Fees for specialty licence plates from Alberta, Saskatchewan, or Manitoba.

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